Striving for brevity, wit, & soul. Not necessarily in that order.


Slovenia was an awesome 4th of July destination, I’m really behind on my Internetting.

Sintra may have well been plucked from a fairy tale; estates so majestic it’s hard to imagine they used to be ‘just’ residences.

Lisboa: Lisbon is a city composed of mosaics and pastries, interspersed with public transit. Quite lovely place and people.

Barcelona is such a culturally rich city, 10 photos can’t begin to serve as a highlight reel.


Bits, please meet atoms. Atoms, bits.  You will have a long and interesting relationship together over the next 10 years.


Russian subway now accepting 30 squats as payment for ride

A day visiting the White Cliffs of Dover and a stop into Canterbury.

Hungary is gritty, beautiful, and chock full of history. The people, paprika, and HUF are all wonderful as well.